3.     Fast forward to last winter when I read Life on the Edge a book about the possible relationship of quantum mechanics to biology.

Enzymes, the “engines of life” as Al-Khalili and McFadden call them, are another example of quantum biology. They speed up biochemical reactions inside living cells by factors of more than a trillion, an acceleration that cannot be explained through conventional chemical theories such as the formation of “transition states”, which force a reaction over an energy barrier. The authors say the only viable explanation is “quantum tunnelling” in which electrons and protons – components of atoms – slip through the barrier in a form of teleportation.

What a fascinating idea, that the physical 'laws' at the atomic level are the rules that governed the development of life into the macro form we are. Very heady stuff and as I have learned to say over time, "Everything they talk me in school was wrong."

The TED talk by Jim Al-Khalili is here

But we can look at a more accessible video to give you sense of what Quantum Biology is all about below. 

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