Charles Dinerstein MD MBA FACS, Founder

Graduate Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Board Certified Vascular Surgeon

Former National Surgical Quality Improvement Program Surgical Champion

Former Chair of a Department of Surgery, Surgical Executive and Credentials Committee

Former lead physician in implementation of hospital based EHR and physician order entry

Content Expert/Consultant to SpectraMedix 


Does this sound familiar?

“ I don’t have the time or tools to do this. I’m not sure where the problem is. The administrators think that if you just fix ‘the problem doctors’ it will all be better. But you and I both know that it’s more complex, it is a series of events, and it is never one event, person or physician. Infection control reports surgical wound issues and an increase in C. Diff infections; risk management tells me the HCAHPS are sliding and my new best friend, the CFO, says the margin for endovascular aneurysm repair is negative and that readmissions resulted in a CMS penalty. My direct costs are good, but my indirect costs, whatever they are, are rising.”

When you finally find a moment to try and have a conversation with a physician you are told that their patient was different, patient care is not some cookbook, cookie cutter, protocol. They’ve been in practice for years, and know what to do, stop interfering with their autonomy. The administrator is no different, only the phrases change, “There are a few bad apples” ruining our HCAHPS and that a simple quick Six Sigma Lean review of admissions for abdominal pain will easily bring out costs into line.

You have office hours, 3 hours of administrative time for 5 hours of administrative work, a Med-Exec meeting, a soccer game at the high school and a family that I would like to see.

No one knows your hospital and it's culture better than you. A call for help is not a sign of weakness. You need help in identifying and sifting through the data, uncovering solutions to move towards your adjacent possibilities. Our expertise in analytics, an MBA in healthcare that allows us to the speak to the business side; more than 20 years experience in clinical care and implementing patient quality and safety initiatives that allows us to understand to provide healthcare on a one-to-one daily basis, can help translate your thoughts and needs to your hospital, ACO and practice cultures.